Monday, September 19, 2011

Corn on the Cob Curry

600g corn on the cob, cut into 2cm chunks
3 tbspns sunflower oil
10 black peppercorns
2cm stick of cinnamon
6 cloves
2 tspns coriander seeds
1 large onion, finely sliced
150g freshly grated or frozen coconut
1 tsp cumin seeds
150g tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp turmeric powder

Put the corn into the pan with enough water to cover it and bring it to the boil. Reduce the heat and cook until tender. Drain (save the water for the curry) and reserve.
Meanwhile, make the curry paste. Heat half the oil in a kadai or heavy bottomed saucepan. Add the whole spices and fry for 1 minute. Then add the onion and stir fry until brown.
Add the coconut and continue stirring until the whole mixture is a rich brown. Take off the heat and allow it to cool. Add a little water and grind it to a fine paste in a blender. Reserve.
In another saucepan heat the remaining oil and add the cumin seeds. When they darken, add the corn and mix very well.
Mix in the tomatoes, spice powders and salt. Add a few tablespoons of the reserved corn water.
Gently stir in the curry paste and simmer for 3 minutes to blend well. Add more water if necessary to make a thick sauce.


Tip of the day:  Before making popcorn on the stove or in a microwave, soak the kernels in water for 10 minutes. Drain the water, then pop as normal. The additional moisture helps the popcorn pop up quicker and fluffier.

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